Real Device Automation

Nemo Tech's ATAM (Automated Test Application Manager) is an innovative test automation platform for mobile software and hardware that accelerates delivery of apps and services, ensuring they work for every user, every time.

The ATAM automation platform is a unique solution to accelerate app testing. Automating apps on real mobile devices, ATAM tests both app functionality and real world hardware performance. It features FlexFlow, a scriptless test case creation methodology which lets our teams efficiently model end user test cases.

Real World Interconnectivity Testing

ATAM automation allows accurate and repeatable tests using thousands of data points to provide analysis that is only possible using test automation

In addition to testing software, ATAM can test physical device hardware, including sensors and interfaces such as audio path, wired and wireless connections (USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and cellular data) making it a powerful tool for interconnectivity testing.


Manual Testing vs. Automation

Our experienced team can help you decide which best fits your requirements

ATAM's Automated test scripts can be re-used across many cycles, making it cost effective for large test programmes. Its increased precision means better repeatability of issues than a human tester. However, manual testing is essential for simulating real user experiences and for interpreting the look and feel of an app, and may be more cost effective than automation for shorter programmes.

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