Test the latest products

Ensure your test list covers key new launches as well as the best-sellers

Device sales data is historical, and using it to select mobile devices for test programmes means the latest launches are missed. At Nemo Tech, we also monitor markets for new launches and using manufacturer market share data and sales data for existing products combined with product specifications and price information, predict their popularity in the marketplace. Our recommended device lists are a combination of the best-selling products from market sales data and key new launches, ensuring your test programme is fully up-to-date.

Test the right products

Maximise your coverage while reducing unnecessary cost

Nemo Tech's dedicated team of market experts monitor all key global markets to identify the latest and best-selling mobile devices. They’re here to ensure you select the right products for your test programme, maximising your coverage of devices in the market and excluding those that aren’t relevant, saving you time and money.


Tailored to your needs

However specific your requirements, our experts have the knowledge to help

We regularly monitor 90 key countries to identify the top-selling mobile devices and new product launches, and our research database tracks more than 15,000 products globally. Devices are split into market specific model numbers and categorised by hardware specifications. Each device also has associated market share data by region. Our market experts can drill down to these data levels to provide the insight that you need, so you know the mobile devices selected for testing are the right choice for your programme.

A library of every major mobile globally

A comprehensive selection of products covering every region

Our state-of-the-art Quality Labs contain a library of more than 5,000 real iOS and Android phones and tablets, with more added daily. Every major handset release globally is included, and our stock covers a wide variety of hardware and software variations from each manufacturer including screen size & resolution, chipset, memory and OS version.


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