Mobile App Testing

Ensure your apps provide a seamless experience across all devices

Manual testing is essential for simulating real user experiences, and at Nemo Tech we only test with real mobile devices, not emulators. Our experienced team of quality engineers help you design and execute a detailed test plan, so you discover and fix usability and compatibility issues before your product is released to the market.

Real device automation

Our innovative test automation platform for mobile software and hardware accelerates delivery of apps and services, ensuring they work for every user, every time

Nemo Tech's ATAM automation is a unique platform which accelerates development and integration testing. Automating apps on real mobile devices, ATAM tests both app functionality and real world hardware performance.
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Nemo Tech's experienced team analyse your project requirements and help you develop an effective test strategy

Our test case authoring service helps you develop an effective plan with test cases that help you reach your strategic goals. Our team of market experts help you identify the latest and best-selling mobile devices in the market to test, so you discover and fix any issues before launch.

Performance Benchmarking

See how your app stacks up against the competition

Nemo Tech’s benchmarking service helps you understand how your app stacks up against the competition. Our quality engineers compare the performance of your product with competitors in the market, providing you with insight on whether your app is ready to launch. An experienced team help you design a test process covering real-world scenarios and our extensive library of connected consumer products including smart wearables, headphones, vehicle infotainment systems and smart home products allow testing with specialised applications.


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